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26 Dec 2013


The computer software moves, runs, accelerates and flies. Archaeologists must get on board the same plane and use their resources to achieve a more efficient registration of our archaeological projects. It is becoming easier and more intuitive
5 Dec 2013

Great experience at the Sanisera Field School, by Louise Valmoria

Hello to everyone at the Sanisera Field School, particularly Fernando, Carmen and Cesar! Now that I am safely back home in Australia and well and truly settled back into things I just wanted to drop you a
27 Sep 2013

Julie Thomas discusses the Palaeopathology of an Exceptional Tomb 21

In 1985, archaeologists found an unusual cist tomb while salvaging Las Huertas, a 5th to 7th Century necropolis in La Roda de Andalucía, Spain (Guerrero Misa and Ventura Martinez, 1985: 334). Four large pieces of limestone covered
26 Aug 2013

Colleen Cumming and his studio “An Exploration of Mandibular Metrics in the Population of Sanisera”

The necropolis of Sanisera, dating from the 4th to 6th centuries CE provides an opportunity to examine the physical characteristics of the people from this site. For this pilot study, only mandibles were used for analysis as
25 Aug 2013


In session 6 of the 2013 Sanisera field school three students, Pedro, James and Rabia took part on the film program. They were taught the basic rules and styles of documentary making by Macià Florit. They then
21 Aug 2013

Antonio J. Talavera studies the recent underwater archaeological discovery of the coral fishing in the port of Sanitja (Menorca, Spain)

The Sanisera Field School organizes underwater archeology works for more than 10 years in Sanitja, a port located where in Roman times was founded the city of Sanisera, in the north of the island. Recently, in early
16 Aug 2013

Julie Thomas talks about burial practices influencing skeletal preservation in Seville, Spain.

Our bioarchaeological investigation into the 5th-7th Century Christians buried at Las Huertas in La Roda, Andalucía continues. According to researchers at the Museum of Archaeology in Seville, this site contains three types of burials, including cist tombs
4 Aug 2013

Victoria Pipas, a 1ST person experience in the Sanisera Field School

March 2013: I was enjoying my junior year at Kimball Union Academy as a mature sixteen-year-old, juggling a rigorous course schedule, participating in a plethora of clubs and organizations, running half-marathons—and becoming queasy at the thought of
1 Aug 2013

Julie Thomas talks to us about Ancient Cold Cases in Seville, Spain

We are currently conducting an in-depth bioarchaeological and palaeopathological (the study of health and disease) investigation of the 5th-7th Century Christian population housed at the Archaeology Museum of Seville.  This collection is the result of a 1985
20 Jul 2013

We talked with Macià Florit, teacher of the Archaeological Film Program

Tell us a little bit about your course. Last year the program was based on the realization of one project by students, about ten minutes long. This year we changed the approach and we have expanded it